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Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Restaurants Near Me

A plant-based diet is an all-around healthy choice. It is rich in nutrient-dense foods, including whole grains and beans, as well as calcium, iron, and cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber.

Plus, a plant-based diet is budget friendly, as meat is typically expensive and green vegetables and whole grains are usually cheap.

Dirt Burger

The menu here pushes boundaries and includes a lot more than just veggie burgers. There are also blistered shishito peppers, yam fries, lemon-pepper tofu salad and cilantro peanut stir fry.

NLB’s founders Matthew and Cierra made the right choice in starting this vegan burger joint. They’ve found that people are open to plant-based alternatives, given the negative environmental impact of meat and health concerns about the meat industry. The restaurant is kosher and many dishes can be adapted to suit dietary needs.

Lotus Leaf Cafe

This hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant isn’t completely vegan, but it serves plenty of meatless dishes. Its most popular item is pho, which features meatless beef, pork and tofu with rice noodles and herbs and spices. Other options include a banh mi, a hot sandwich and nachos.

This Austin eatery offers classic cafe eats like salads, soups and sandwiches along with plant-based versions of enchiladas, ravioli and a Cuban plate. It’s also a nearly zero-waste establishment that recycles, composts and reuses its waste products.

Plant City

Plant City is a food hall and retail area from chef Matthew Kenney, who has restaurants around the country. It features Make Out, which serves a vegan take on the burger; Double Zero, his flagship pizzeria that has earned a Bib Gourmand in New York; 345, a speakeasy; and more.

The restaurant has also educated Bryant students about the importance of sustainable living. Aimee Parenteau ’23 visited with her Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Supply Chain course to learn more about how the company addresses sustainability issues.

Good Life Cafe

The Good Life Cafe in Columbia offers dine-in and takeout options for plant-based eaters. Their menu includes classic cafe eats and vegetarian and vegan entrees such as enchiladas, ravioli, a Cuban plate and even raw manicotti. They also have smoothies, juices and coffee drinks.

When you step into the Good Life Café, you enter a place of love and intention. Teddy unhesitatingly calls her staff family, and the energy that comes from this is woven into the experience of the restaurant.

Wayward Vegan Cafe

For over 18 years, Wayward Vegan Cafe in the University District has set the bar for Seattle vegan comfort food. Its country fried seitan hashes, scrambles, pancakes, and biscuits draw diners of all stripes—from devoted plant eaters to broke students, punks, and neighborhood regulars.

When the restaurant announced it was closing in September, many plant-based and omnivore diners cried foul. But it looks like Wayward will have a second chance at life under new ownership. ARISTA catering’s team will take over the space and menu.

Kelley Farm Kitchen

An intimate, down-to-earth mainstay for creative plant-based burgers, nachos, breakfast, and more, Kelley Farm Kitchen serves diners with a wide range of dining preferences. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Sondra and Ben Kelley jumped on the vegan bandwagon after watching Forks Over Knives and decided to open their own eatery. They didn’t have any restaurant experience, but they were determined to succeed.

Despite some pushback from their friends, they stuck with their plan and are now reaping the rewards of their hard work. The women-led eatery has become a popular vegan hotspot, offering Instagram-worthy stacked plant-based burgers and colourful ramen bowls.


Lalibela is an awe-inspiring town where you can visit 11 monolithic rock-hewn churches that were built without brick, mortar or lumber. Locals believe that angels helped carve them.

Lalibela’s spartan interior is overflowing with Ethiopian chintz from vaguely religious iconography to a photo of Haile Selassie and Winston Churchill. The servers, who wear white robes, are cheerful and helpful.

Opt for the vegetarian combo or a bowl of vegetables (kik alicha, cabbage, and collard greens) served on a generous portion of injera. For meat lovers, add a few pieces of lusty lamb or chicken to your Beyaynetu or Mahberoch.

The Wild Cow

In Nashville, The Wild Cow serves vegetarian and vegan food with a focus on local ingredients. The menu includes plant-based versions of eggs benedict, three types of Alfredo pasta dishes, and fried chicken. The restaurant also has a range of healthy salads and soups.

In Austin, Counter Culture serves plant-based comfort food, including buffalo mac and cheese bites and a watermelon-mango gazpacho. Its menu also includes a barbecue oyster mushroom sandwich and a crusted curry sandwich. The restaurant is nearly zero-waste and uses a variety of nut-based cheeses.

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